Health & Safety

Please comply with the Government’s COVID-19 rules with regard to gatherings of no more than 6 persons and social distancing.

Children under 16 must be supervised by an adult.

You are responsible for your health and medical fitness.

Take care if there are wet or icy conditions underfoot, especially on wet grass, eg. in the park and on damp pavements.

Please remain on the pavements whenever possible.

Respect other pedestrians on the pavements and on canal tow-paths.

Only cross roads at crossings.

Remember to wear high visibility clothing after sunset.

Wear footwear that is suitable for the terrain

Take care at all times.

If you do not want to participate but would like to make a donation towards our charitable fund all you have to do is text:
SKIPTONFUNRUN 1 to 70085 to donate £1
SKIPTONFUNRUN 2 to 70085 to donate £2
SKIPTONFUNRUN 3 to 70085 to donate £3
SKIPTONFUNRUN 4 to 70085 to donate £4
SKIPTONFUNRUN 5 to 70085 to donate £5
Ditto any amount up to £20

Rotary Club of Skipton Craven Charitable Trust, Registered Charity No. 1126881. You will be charged the cost of your donation plus the standard cost of the text from your Service Provider.


Donate through Virgin Money Giving at: 

Please add £1.35 to cover the cost of the charity using this not-for-profit service to provide a safe and simple way to give online.