The Route


The Start Gate is half way down the High Street which is closed to traffic from early morning.

Go to the bottom of the High St and bear right into Caroline Sq. then Swadford St. (0,13/0,13k)

Go along Swadford St until crossing over the canal bridge then turn immediately right onto the canal tow path. (0,20/0,33k)

Keeping the canal on your right go along tow path to Gawflat Bridge (the second swing bridge), and turn right. (0,53/0,86k)

Cross the canal swing bridge and enter Aireville Park. Go along the Tarmac path, up the slope, approximately half way, until a Tarmac path leads to the right and go up the slope to the War Memorial steps. Exit the Park, turning right onto Gargrave Rd. (0,58/1,44k)

On Gargrave Road, travel towards town without crossing the road until reaching Coach Street. (0,71/2,15k)

Turn right, carefully cross Coach Street and turn left into the garden accessing Springs Canal tow path and turn left. (0,09/2,24k)

Go along the Springs Canal tow path passing under the road bridge and High Corn Mill. (0,32/2,56k)

Continue along the narrow path running between the canal and beck and winding past the rear of the castle to the end then cross the beck via the footbridge. (0,37/2,93k)

Turn left onto the road and return to town via Chapel Hill. (0,42/3,35k)

Turn left onto Mill Bridge then turn left through the main church yard gates of Holy Trinity Church. (0,20/3,55k)

Exit the church yard at the right hand corner, pass in front of the castle gatehouse and go along the Bailey wall until reaching a marshalled Pelican Crossing. (0,30/3,85k)

Immediately after crossing the road take the footpath to the South of the Building Society which emerges onto Regent Rd. and turn right. (0,21/4,06k)

Go along Regent Rd until the junction with Princes Drive and turn right. (0,15/4,21k)

Go along Princes Drive to the ‘T’ junction with Rectory Lane and turn left. (0,32/4,53k)

Go down Rectory Lane until its junction with Otley St and turn right. (0,16/4,69k)

Go along Otley Street, the latter section being a Pedestrian Precinct until reaching the High Street and turn right to the Finish Gate. (0,27/4,96k)